Thrice-Divorced Kentucky Homophobe Must Explain to a Judge Why She Shouldn't Be Held in Contempt

The saga of Kim Davis continues. The bigoted county clerk (who found Jesus only four years ago and is making up for lost time) will have to face District Judge David Bunning this week to explain exactly why her refusal to issue marriage licenses shouldn’t land her in jail or with a massive fine. And “fear of going to… »9/02/15 11:25amYesterday 11:25am

No One's Ever Been Dedicated to Not Doing Their Job Quite Like County Clerk Kim Davis 

Kim Davis, the county clerk who’s been married four times but has steadfastly refused to allow same-sex couples marriage licenses because “that searing act of validation would forever echo in her conscience,” has once again been told to STFU and do the job she was elected to do. And, once again, she is refusing. »9/01/15 11:45amTuesday 11:45am

Chill Pope Totally Supports Banned Book About Gay Parents

Look, you can say whatever you want about our reigning Pope, but you can’t deny that the dude is a little more chill than his predecessors (especially the last one). This has been made even more evident by the fact that the last authority on anything Catholic has taken up as a supporter of a controversial children’s… »8/28/15 10:50am8/28/15 10:50am

KY County Clerk Ordered to Issue Marriage Licenses Again, Still Refusing to Do So

If there’s one thing that can be said about Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis, it’s that she’s really committed to wearing ankle-length denim skirts in public. Also, she’s also a tireless bigot who continues to refuse gay and lesbian women marriage licenses even though the courts have ordered her to do it twice. »8/27/15 12:05pm8/27/15 12:05pm

Notre Dame Student's Argument Against Gay Marriage Proves to World He's Taken Maybe One Philosophy Class

It’s not often that an avowed homosexual—one who has dedicated their life to the craven and often painful act of sodomy—like me puts down their anti-hetero, baby-killing pitchfork and really considers whether same sex marriage is okay, but a letter printed in the Notre Dame/St. Mary’s College Observer by a… »8/26/15 11:40am8/26/15 11:40am

Christian Students Tell Duke They Won't Read Fun Home Because It's Too Dirty

Fun Home is an award-winning graphic memoir by Alison Bechdel that’s been turned into a hit Broadway musical. It’s about painful childhoods, sexuality, and recognizing that one’s parents have possibly unforgivable flaws; it also features a lesbian protagonist whose father cheats on his wife with men. So, Christian… »8/25/15 5:40pm8/25/15 5:40pm

John Oliver Explains Everything Wrong With LGBT Discrimination in America

Last Week Tonight is like Sesame Street for adults. That’s not because John Oliver would make one hell of a muppet (he would), but because just like the children’s programming we used to love, watching this show is so much fun you don’t even realize you’re learning about the fact that 31 states still allow firing or… »8/24/15 10:27am8/24/15 10:27am

Judge Tells Kentucky Clerk She Has to Issue Marriage Licenses to Gay Couples

Dear elected officials of America: please do your fucking jobs. It’s understandable that having your right to bigotry taken away has caused some hardship, but if a court says you have to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, then you do just that. Especially if your name is Kim Davis and you’ve happily been denying… »8/13/15 11:00am8/13/15 11:00am

SC Attorney General to Pay All Legal Costs in Lost Gay Marriage Case

A federal judge has ordered South Carolina’s Attorney General to take a seat and pay all of the court and legal fees associated with a case challenging the state’s ban on gay marriage. Alan Wilson, the AG who’s now saddled with a whopping $135,000 in legal fees is investigating the ruling to see what his office should… »8/11/15 3:00pm8/11/15 3:00pm

This Ripped Powerlifter and Former Marine Just Came Out As Transgender

A bodybuilder formerly known as Matt Kroczaleski has come out as transgender, and now goes by the name Janae Marie Kroc. The Daily News reports that—in addition to being a champion powerlifter, cancer survivor, and former U.S. Marine—Kroc takes Grade A selfies, which you can find on her Instagram account. »7/30/15 5:25pm7/30/15 5:25pm

Jose Canseco to Honor Caitlyn Jenner By Dressing Like a Woman For a Week

Here’s a dispatch from the world of well-meaning publicity stunts that are actually both really stupid and also very offensive: Jose Canseco, radio host and former paramour of Janice Dickinson, will support Caitlyn Jenner’s transition by walking a mile in her shoes and dressing like a woman for a week. What’s Canseco… »7/30/15 11:45am7/30/15 11:45am

Republicans Propose 'Religious Freedom' Law in Wake of Gay Marriage

In the wake of both the Supreme Court’s recent ruling and the debacle that occurred in Indiana when the state government attempted to allow businesses to discriminate on the basis of religious freedom, moderate republicans are beginning to recognize that gay marriage isn’t going anywhere. But not everyone’s happy… »7/20/15 1:10pm7/20/15 1:10pm

Russia Created an Official 'Straight Pride' Flag to Combat 'Gay Fever'

Russia, a country with absolutely nothing else to worry about, has decided to double down on being a human-rights-violating monstrosity of a place for anyone who isn’t straight or pretending to be: The country’s ruling class—to be clear, not a fringe group, but Putin allies Russia United—has unveiled a new flag… »7/09/15 12:25pm7/09/15 12:25pm

Gay Couple Films Clerk Illegally Denying Them a Marriage License In KY

On Monday, Casey Davis demanded that the American public give him relief from the hordes of gay couples forcing their way into the government office in which he works as a county clerk. Now, video has emerged of the other openly bigoted county clerk in Rowan County, KY refusing a gay couple a license and then calling… »7/08/15 1:30pm7/08/15 1:30pm