The First Gay Marriages in Ireland Have Now Officially Been Performed

Hot on the heels of this morning’s announcement that same-sex marriage is now legal in Ireland, the first gay couple to be lawfully wed has come forward to make their long-term relationship legal. Cormac Gollogly and Richard Dowling have been together for 12 years and couldn’t be happier that their partnership is… »11/17/15 1:50pm11/17/15 1:50pm


Government Says Allowing Chelsea Manning to Grow Her Hair Would Be a 'Significant Security Risk'

The American Civil Liberties Union and the Department of Justice are locked in a battle over Chelsea Manning’s hair length. The DOJ says Manning, currently serving 35 years for leaking classified military documents, can’t be permitted to grow her hair longer than two inches. Her hair could pose “pose a significant… »11/13/15 11:50am11/13/15 11:50am

Obama Is the First-Ever Sitting President to Cover Out's 100 Issue

According to the editors of Out magazine, the publication’s annual 100 issue is meant to showcase a snapshot of the past year in LGBT+ history, with the community’s biggest movers and shakers getting some well-deserved recognition for both bravery and achievement. This year, the cover belongs to President Obama, the… »11/10/15 3:00pm11/10/15 3:00pm

This Anti-Gay Rant From Colorado Pastor Kevin Swanson Is Sort of Incredible, Actually

Kevin Swanson, the Drudge Report headline who morphed into a Colorado pastor, is a homophobe in the truest sense of the word. He’s actually afraid of gay people! Like, this guy is afraid of gay people in the same way many gay people are afraid of the inevitable cancellation of RuPaul’s Drag Race. »11/09/15 11:10am11/09/15 11:10am

France Will Allow Men Who Have Sex With Men to Donate Blood Starting Next Year

In a world in which HIV is no longer a certain death sentence or a crisis, many countries are relaxing the blood donation bans put in place to prevent gay men from donating potentially infected bodily fluids. France is the latest nation to announce that it will allow homosexuals to donate blood more freely, joining… »11/04/15 1:45pm11/04/15 1:45pm

Report from the Office for Civil Rights: Trans Students Must Be Given Locker Room Access

A transgender student in Illinois has won a two-year victory: the Obama administration has found that her school violated Title IX by refusing to let her have full access to the women’s bathrooms and locker rooms due to the fact that she had not fully transitioned. The report, released on Monday by the Office for… »11/03/15 11:50am11/03/15 11:50am

Rikers Guards Accused of 'Viciously' Beating Up Gay Man For Kissing His Boyfriend

Last May, Thomas Hamm, a gay man, visited his partner at New York City’s Rikers Island. After the two men kissed in the visitor’s room, he claims guards called him a “faggot” and beat him up—resulting in fractured bones and head trauma. This week—nearly 18 months later—Lambda Legal announced they have filed suit… »10/30/15 1:25pm10/30/15 1:25pm

Turns Out Writing Gay Romance Is More Complicated Than Just Plagiarizing Straight Romances

Stephenie Meyer recently demonstrated that taking one of your old novels and “rewriting” it as a gender-bent retelling can be a lucrative way to appeal to one’s fans. But what if the story that you’re writing up isn’t yours to begin with? A romance novelist specializing in gay fiction has just been uncovered as a… »10/29/15 5:01pm10/29/15 5:01pm

Trentonian Runs Story Suggesting Transgender Teen Didn’t Fairly Win Homecoming Queen

On Friday, Jae Irizarry was elected homecoming queen of Trenton Central High School, making her the first transgender student in the city’s history to hold the title. Two days later, The Trentonian published a story written by Penny Ray questioning the validity of the results, reporting that “sources with intimate… »10/20/15 6:20pm10/20/15 6:20pm

Kim Davis's Lone Gay Friend: We're Not Actually Friends

For once, Kim Davis was telling the truth! Kinda! The embattled Rowan County Clerk, who’s desperately trying to maintain her fifteen minutes of fame, recently told interviewers that she had “gay friends” who respect her decisions. Turns out she does have gay friends. One gay friend. And he doesn’t even like her that… »9/25/15 2:15pm9/25/15 2:15pm

Kim Davis Thinks It's Sad That Marriage Matters So Much to Gays

Kim Davis has only been back at work for a week, but she’s found a way to keep her spotlight. Not only has she had another complaint filed against her for interfering with her deputies’ issuing of marriage licenses, but she also gave her first big interview to ABC, in which she made it clear that she has zero respect… »9/22/15 11:35am9/22/15 11:35am

Failed Senate Contender Suffers Psychotic Break While Ranting Against Gay Rights, Waves Tampon 

Kathleen Tonn is many things: She’s a failed Senate contender, she’s a fan of slouchy hats, she’s a prop enthusiast, and she’s also completely and irrevocably mad, as can be seen from her wonderful testimony at an an assembly meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, during which she vehemently protested non-discrimination. No… »9/16/15 6:00pm9/16/15 6:00pm

Kim Davis's Kentucky Is for Lovers: I Got Gay Married in Morehead 

Less than a mile from the Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk’s office, where Kim Davis had made her last stand against gay marriage, my partner and I picked out wedding cupcakes at Artsy Tartsy, a bakery that also happens to sell home decor and children’s dresses. On the table in front of us, still in its protective brown… »9/16/15 1:10pm9/16/15 1:10pm

Ellen Page Brings Her Girlfriend to the Red Carpet, Tells Everyone She's in Love

Freeheld, the new Ellen Page/Julianne Moore drama about a lesbian couple struggling for civil rights, premiered at The Toronto International Film Festival last night. The media present at the event got a huge surprise: Ellen Page and her girlfriend, Samantha Thomas, walked the red carpet together for the first time. »9/14/15 3:25pm9/14/15 3:25pm