'I'm Not Gay No More' REMIX Is The Best Use Of An Ex-Gay Speech Ever

Those who claim to have successfully turned themselves straight through the power of the Lord and Savior are unfortunately not that rare. Speeches sound repetitive and more about convincing the speakers than convincing others. But if we must listen to an ex-gay speech, at least we can do it with a funky techno beat. » 11/12/14 9:33pm 11/12/14 9:33pm

Lesbian Couple Pulls Off First Gay Marriage in Russia

In Russia, land of the criminalization of "gay propaganda," gay marriage is obviously illegal. But two women have managed to register the country's very first same sex marriage, a move that has already drawn the ire of lawmakers intent on finding a way to, at the very least, annul the union. » 11/09/14 6:19pm 11/09/14 6:19pm

Watch OITNB's Big Boo Battle a Homophobic Subway Preacher

Subway preachers are among the top 1,000 most irritating things about riding a New York City train, right under curious, pungent odors and crying babies. Usually, my solution is to crank up the volume on my headphones. Lea DeLaria — aka Big Boo on Orange Is the New Black — decided to take some real action. » 11/04/14 7:04pm 11/04/14 7:04pm

​Eddie Redmayne Takes On Role As First Trans Woman To Have SRS

Actor Eddie Redmayne will be playing the trans woman title character of the novel The Danish Girl in an upcoming film adaptation. The novel is a semi-fictionalised account of the life of Lili Elbe, who might be the first recorded transgender woman to have had sex reassignment surgery as it is known today. Not… » 11/03/14 10:00pm 11/03/14 10:00pm

Reagan Aide Wants South To Secede, Form Anti-Gay Nation Named Reagan

That's it conservatives. You've reached peak level for Reagan references. There's no more out there which can top this. Just give up. Don't bother with drill, baby drill. Reagan has just stopped being a renewable resource. Former Reagan aide Douglas MacKinnon wants a neo-confederacy—named Reagan. » 10/22/14 8:44pm 10/22/14 8:44pm

Vatican Report Asks If Church Can 'Accept And Value' Lesbians and Gays

A new report from the Roman Catholic Church's two-week long Synod on the Family has left LGBT+ groups cheering and conservative Catholic commentators upset. The Church recognises the "gifts and qualities" of gay people, and asks if the Church can "accept and value" the orientation of lesbians and gays. » 10/13/14 9:08pm 10/13/14 9:08pm

Greg Abbott: Your Gay Marriage Will Cause Immoral Straight Baby Making

Texas Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott has proven once again that GOP politicians do not understand how the whole same-sex vs different-sex thing works: by seriously arguing that same-sex marriage bans somehow decrease "out of wedlock" births and that legalising same-sex marriage in Texas would… » 10/12/14 5:00pm 10/12/14 5:00pm