Oh goody, a mother in Scotland has been convicted of verbally and physically assaulting her son while he was coming out to his family.

Emma Green has been convicted of carrying out an "assault aggravated by sexual prejudice" by subjecting her son, Scott, to insults such as "dirty queer," "a poof," and "a little gay bastard" and then attacking him right in front of police that had been called onto the scene.


On Wednesday, Green was ordered to pay ยฃ100 compensation to her son and was fined ยฃ200 by the Perth Sheriff Lindsay Foulis:

"It is an inter-familial assault. If she hadn't been so stupid as to strike her son when he was being held by police officers, nine times out of ten this wouldn't have seen the light of day...You can't act in this way and it was added to by the fact it was prejudiced."


Although I am not sure this was Sheriff Foulis's point, he does make a valid observation: homophobic/transphobic domestic violence can often go unreported and left non-adjudicated because it is considered to be a private matter within the family.

Image via Stephen Finn/Shutterstock.