Anderson Cooper Just Doesn't Know That Much About Vaginas

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Anderson Cooper admitted something during a recent AC360 segment which has long been suspected: he simply doesn't know a whole lot about vaginas. The comment came when the CNN anchor was discussing the recent story of an American exchange student getting lodged in a sculpture of a vagina.


Cooper, who is openly gay, couldn't really keep a straight face as he fought to keep control of his giggling as he described the tale of the young man who was rescued by almost two dozen firefighters after he got stuck in the giant statue in Germany.


Cooper is not known for misogyny, and he made sure to make it clear that he was making fun of the student who got himself lodged in a sculpture, as opposed to making fun of women or vaginas (or conceivably, vagina-owners who may not identify as women).

Before you start blowing up my Twitter feed, know that I am not making fun of women or female anatomy in any way. I am making fun of a guy who got stuck in a sculpture.

There was plenty of mocking to be had, and in the course of the segment, Cooper of course took potshots at himself, admitting that he wasn't exactly up to snuff on the subject of vaginas, since they're not exactly his thing, because, well... Duh.

I'm certainly no expert on the topic of vaginas. They really aren't my wheelhouse, so to speak. But I know enough to know that you are not supposed to go in feet first.


Of course, Anderson, you may not realise this, but I think that's actually someone's fetish. Just not yours (or mine)! ZING.

Watch the whole "Ridiculist" segment here:

Image via Getty/Video via CNN/YouTube.

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I can't stop cracking up over how adorably embarrassed he is by having to say "vagina".