Elton John Believes Jesus is For Same-Sex Marriage

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The ever colorful Sir Elton John thinks Pope Francis is "wonderful," Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is "doing a good job," Vladimir Putin just needs to meet some gay people to soften up, and oh yeah, Jesus? Totally cool with same-sex marriage.

The general comments on John's approach to religion came in an interview conducted on Britain's SkyNews. In addition to the comments about Jesus, he took aim at the Catholic Church for requiring priests to be celibate, and then the Church of England's ban on gay clergy from marrying. He called these ideas far past their time, and, well, "stupid." Why? Because the Messiah Himself probably wouldn't have been happy with discrimination against gay people who wish to get married.

If Jesus Christ was alive today, I cannot see him, as the Christian person that he was and the great person that he was, saying this could not happen. He was all about love and compassion and forgiveness and trying to bring people together and that is what the church should be about.


John praised Pope Francis's decision to bring his time at the Vatican down to the "bare-bones," and said he expected the Church of England to do the same. John also said he will be meeting with President Putin when he visits Russia in November, hoping to start a dialogue on why the recent anti-gay legislation in the Russian Federation is, well, awful.

Good luck with that, Sir Elton John. Good luck with that.

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The good thing about Christ is that he can be all things to all people. Bigots and progressives alike.