Hardly Anyone Bothered to Show Up to the Anti-Gay 'March 4 Marriage'

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Look at this picture, isn't it sweet? Wouldn't you say our victory's complete? Wouldn't you think we're the cause... the cause which has... everything? ...Ahem, sorry, been singing a bit too much Little Mermaid with my students. Point here is that the "March 4 Marriage" orchestrated by the "National Organisation for Marriage" has been a complete and total bust. Worst "march on Washington" ever. Epic fail.


Apparently this thing was supposed to be huge. Big names were going to make speeches! Thousands of people were going to appear, ready to express their moral outrage that the gayness was spreading throughout our Christian nation. There would be fire and brimstone, and taking back 'MERICA for the Godly, and turning the tide by demanding our elected leaders stop the completely and totally Constitutional and legal trend of expanding marriage rights to same-sex couples. THIS IS ABOUT FREEDOM (except for the gay people, because they want super special freedom, not Christian, heterosexual freedom like this country was founded on, dagnabbit).

Hmm... Seems like someone didn't get the message out, though. I've seen bigger crowds at my junior high school's pick up baseball game with the school in the next neighborhood over. Better luck next time, NOM. Oh, wait, not really. Keep having epic fails. I like to cover those.


Image via @McBenefit/Twitter.

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Looks like 100, maybe 150 people. My gawd, the response is overwhelming!