The Irish group LGBT Noise has released this hilarious public service announcement. In the PSA, a straight couple fears that with the passage of marriage equality in Ireland, it is only a matter of time until the country collapses into chaos. Of course, there's a very obvious twist at the end for anyone who isn't a social/religious conservative.

The equality — Ireland was practically unrecognisable. We tried to blend in, but the weddings were unbelievable! I felt completely underdressed and the cakes were amazing. It was at that point it became a question of survival.

The PSA makes it clear that the only reason marriage equality passed in Ireland was because of the popular support by straight people. The beauty of the couple's fearful explanation of how the country "went so wrong," is they explain to straight viewers what they need to do to see that Ireland becomes a better place—attend the LGBT Noise march, speak out as allies, and vote for marriage equality.

Because all that will happen is happy Irish people, fabulous weddings, and extremely tasty cakes.


Instead of, you know, a world ruled by gay zombies or something.

Video via LGBT Noise/YouTube.