HuffPostGay Posts Offensive Video of Drag Queen Shooting Trans Writer

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Huffington Post's Gay Voices section has finally removed a video from a drag performer which parodies shooting a prominent transgender writer.


I refuse to link the video here, but this is what HuffPostGay finally said after being flooded with tweets and emails (including my own):

Note: This page originally contained a video by drag artist Alaska Thunderfuck. We believed that the clip was one example of how diverse gender-variant communities are currently engaged in a complicated conversation about important issues regarding language, identity and privilege. However, we now realize that the video is patently offensive to many people and ultimately now feel it goes beyond being useful in this discussion and therefore have removed it from the site. We apologize.

Look, I don't always agree with Parker Marie Molloy, and her name is not always held in the highest regard across the entirety of the LGBT community, but she is still an active writer with a large following. She's a member of the Trans 100, for Chrissake. Seriously? Alaska Thunderfuck's new parody video ends with her killing an obvious parody of Molloy. For anyone who has been following this debate, the parody is obvious.

This was unconscionable.

Many commenters claimed that I was expressing outrage or anger over RuPaul's history of transphobia and drag culture's issues with the same, but I assured them I was not. But this? Mocking transgender murder? BY A FELLOW QUEER PERSON? Now, I am angry. Members of drag culture themselves are often targeted for the same reasons as trans people, and often because of the conflation between the two.

Such "parody" only hurts all of us. And HuffPostGay? You should have known better than this.


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I don't care how 'offensive' something is, I'll still take it over censorship or people crying to have things taken offline. I'm kind of sick of people getting so damn offended and acting like the entire world needs to respect their feelings. Reminds me of a french scandal from years ago - a comedian was taken off the air for a month for showing puppets acting out the assassination of the french president.

Some people can joke about everything. Other people are far more sensitive and think some subjects are off limits. But like I said, I'll take offense over censorship any day. Yes it's juvenile and, sure, offensive. But the last time I checked, there's no right not to be offended. And there's no law against bad taste. I realise that it's potentially insulting to victims of real murder and their families but again, this isn't real. Ultimately, people can be as offensive as they want and I'm so over the PC police and their email campaigns calling for stuff to be taken offline and making websites issue fauxpologies. If something offends me, I just stop watching it and move the fuck on. It's not that hard.