Inspirational Transition Montages Will Have You Cheering

Transition isn't just about medical transition. It isn't just about hormones. It isn't just about surgeries. If any of that stuff. It's about making a lot of life changes. Choosing to move from unhappiness behind a mask to happiness unmasked. And here's a couple of transition montage videos that will really inspire you, and should be looked at as inspiration for trans folks in general:

Here's one for the trans men, because they are so often left out:

Videos via YouTube.


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The Cranberry Cap'n

Why didn't I learn this in sex ed???? :(

Yes, totally this. Maybe I'm wrong because I am a cis woman, but I really feel like LBGTQIA-specific issues need to be included in sexual education courses. They taught us about pregnancy and sex in high school, but it was definitely cis and heterosexual centric.