Kentucky Woman Announces Continued Plans to Not Do Her Job

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Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis returned to work Monday morning after six days in county jail for contempt of court and a long weekend just because. She told a gaggle of reporters that she will still refuse to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples, but “won’t interefere” if her deputy clerks do grant them.



“To affix my name or authoritative title on a certificate that authorizes marriage that conflicts with God’s definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman violates my deeply held religious convictions and conscience,” Davis told a crowd of reporters and protesters gathered outside the Rowan County Clerk’s office on Monday. “For me, this would be an act of disobedience to my God.”

Davis said that her deputy clerks may issue same-sex marriage licenses without her name or title on them, but acknowledges that the legality of such licenses is unclear. The Associated Press reports that one deputy clerk will continue doing just that:

The judge in Davis’s case has made it clear that if Davis continues to violate state and federal law, he will hold her in contempt again.

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DL Thurston

but acknowledge that the legality of such licenses is unclear

Why do I have a sinking suspicion that she, herself, is planning to challenge their legality?