Orders of Michael Sam Jerseys Apparently Already Out of Control

Welp, if there was any question about the popularity of Michael Sam's 7th round draft pick to the NFL, it seems to have been answered by the almighty dollar, according to CBS's Daniel Bernstein:

Yay, Michael Sam! Unfortunately, there is one small problem... 7th round draft picks are usually in some fierce competition for spots on a team. Just because Sam has been chosen and people seem to really like the idea of him as a player, this doesn't mean he'll actually make the team. And even if he does make them team, there's no real sense yet of how much play time he could see.

Still, the guy's got a built in fanbase, that's got to be weighing on the minds of the St. Louis Rams given the number one question of professional sporting events: how do we put butts in seats? If that fanbase will spend money to see Sam play... Hell, I only watch College Ball (GO HORNS GO), but even I will watch some Rams games if Sam is on the team.


Image via Getty.

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