Pennsylvania Governor-elect Tom Wolf has appointed Rachel Levine, a doctor with more than thirty years of experience in pediatrics, psychiatry, and behavioral health, and LGBT issues, to the cabinet post of Physician-General. She also happens to be transgender.

If confirmed by the Pennsylvania Senate, Levine would become the highest-ranked transgender woman in the state government. A spokesman for Governor-Elect Wolf told Philadelphia magazine that "he believes Levine is the first transgender woman to hold the title of physician general" although he wasn't absolutely sure. The Physician-General is the state level analogue to the federal Surgeon-General, and is responsible for advising the Governor on matters of public health and on various medical issues.

Levine is the chief of the Division of Adolescent Medicine and Eating Disorders and the liaison for LGBT Affairs at Pennsylvania State University. She also serves on the board of Equality Pennsylvania.

Image via Pennsylvania State University.