These are the Top 10 LGBT+ Friendly American Cities

Seattle, San Francisco, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, and the only two cities I will ever willingly live in if I move back, Austin and Atlanta, top a list of the most LGBT+ friendly cities in the United States.

NerdWallet's list is, according to the polling group, done in honor of Pride month, and considers three major concepts when it comes to deciding how to rank each city. These three concepts are, "presence of gay community" which ultimately means the percentage of households with same-sex partners in each city, "LGBT-friendly laws and opportunities," which itself is based heavily on the Human Rights Campaigns 2013 Municipal Equality Index, and considers city's non-discrimination laws, relationship recognition, employment practices, law enforcement and municipality leadership, and finally "LGBT safety and tolerance," for which the numbers used were the number of sexual orientation related hate crimes "per 100,000 residents in each city."


So here's the list:

1. Seattle, Wash.

2. San Francisco, Cali.

3. Atlanta, Ga.

4. Oakland, Cali.

5. Long Beach, Cali.

6. Minneapolis, Minn.

7. Austin, Texas

8. Jersey City, N.J.

9. St. Paul, Minn.

10. Chicago, Ill.

It actually surprised me that San Francisco isn't number one, but Seattle actually beat it out. Despite what just happened on Atlanta public transportation, along with my hometown of Austin, it is the only place on the list I would live. Although there's been a lot of angry responses towards Atlanta because of the MARTA attack, it's honestly one of the best places to live for LGBT+ individuals, I specifically lived right outside the "gayborhood" near Piedmont Park. And, well, Austin is Austin.

Given the descriptions of each of the cities, many I have actually visited, I feel this is an accurate list.

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